Tuesday, February 27, 2007


1932 François Truffaut born

1936 Publication of Georges Bernanos’ novel Diary of a Country Priest

1947 Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost write a film adaptation of Bernanos’s novel Diary of a Country Priest

1947(summer) Jean Aurenche flies to Tunis to seek Bernanos’s approval of their script. Bernanos rejects their scenario.

1947(October 4) The weekly Samedi-Soir publishes an account of the meeting between Aurenche and Bernanos furnished by Aurenche.

1947(November 8) Samedi-Soir publishes a long letter from Georges Bernanos refuting Aurenche’s account and detailing his reasons for rejecting Aurenche’s scenario.

1948(July 5) Georges Bernanos dies.

1949-1950 Robert Bresson writes and directs a film based on Diary of a Country Priest

1951(February) Bresson’s film premieres in Paris.

1951(April) Cahiers du Cinema publishes first issue. Table of contents page promises future articles from a group of people, among them - Pierre Bost

1951(June) André Bazin's The Sylistics of Robert Bresson appears in the third issue of Cahiers du Cinema

1951(August 16) Louis Jouvet dies

1951(August) Francois Truffaut serves the first month of a six-month sentence for going AWOL in Villemin hospital “in a state of physical and mental disrepair', which he emerged from only gradually.”

1952(November) François Truffaut borrows the rejected scenario for Diary of a Country Priest and three other screenplays from Pierre Bost

1954(January) François Truffaut’s A Certain Tendency of French Cinema in Cahiers du Cinema(no 31)

1956(September) Gervaise scripted by Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost is released in Paris.

1956(October) La Traversée de Paris scripted by Aurenche and Bost is released in Paris.

1956(December 19) Truffaut publishes "In 1956 five great films, seven good films" in Arts issue no. 598

1971 Henri Jeanson’s memoir 70 ans d’adolescence (70 Years of Adolescence) is published.

1973 Bertrand Tavernier films The Clockmaker of St Paul with Aurenche and Bost as collaborators on the screenplay.

1975 Pierre Bost dies

1983 The Great French Films by James Reid Paris ; introduction by Francois Truffaut published

1984 Bertrand Tavernier interview in Film Comment

1984 François Truffaut dies

1992 Jean Aurenche dies

1993 Bertrand Tavernier publishes Qu-est-ce qu’on attend? which is translated into English in Projections 2 as I Wake Up Dreaming

1993 The documentary François Truffaut: Portraits volés released in Paris

Going off on a tangent, but -- If you brought up the page for the table of contents for the issue of Cahiers in which A Certain Tendency appeared, you might have noticed that André Bazin reviewed the film The Little Fugitive, a film which is landmark on the way towards Truffaut's debut film The Four Hundred Blows.

Continues with : Bertrand Tavernier's stories -- 1993